Candles Kill Bacteria

According to the latest research carried out at Southampton University scented candles can help kill unwanted bugs and bacteria. The research found that adding essential oils like eucalyptus, orange and thyme worked most effectively. One researcher even suggested that candles could be as effective as scrubbing a surface with disinfectant.

So it appears that candles not only make your place smell great but also help protect you against unwanted bacteria. At Candles To You we believe in the safety and welfare of our customers and this is why we keep you up to date with these latest advances in the industry. We also have a great selection of orange and eucalyptus candles.

Candle Safety

The number of sales within the candle market has been growing year on year but very few safety guidelines have been given. At Candles To You we care greatly about the safety of our customers and have therefore outlined some safety tips for you to follow when using our products.

Heat Resistant Surfaces – Its important to place candles on heat resistant surfaces. May people make the mistake of forgetting to do this and end up with a melted surface.
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