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Candles To You has finally embraced the web 2.0 revolution with its very own face book page. Our new and exciting page features the latest website offers and gives you the opportunity to engage with other like-minded people. Offline we engage with hundreds of different people within the candle community but we wanted to be able to do the same online. We are hoping that our Facebook page can go some way to do so.

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Soy Candles & There Hidden Depths

These days’ soy candles seem to be getting more and more attention especially in celebrity circles as people are looking for more environmentally friendly ways to lead their lives. Being green of course is not only trendy but also helps future generations and gives them a chance for a great future.

When we think of soy we don’t usually think of candles as using soy in candles is a new thing. Soy has been in use for many years now in numerous different products but the soy candle has really court on. This is because it is a much cheaper alternative to other natural candles. Beeswax candles for example are much more expensive.

The availability and variety of soy candles has also increased significantly and you can freely find soy candles on the high street. Originally there were only a few styles and scents so it has certainly been interesting to watch the change. I mean who thought that soy candles would become a major player in the candle industry.

Despite the increase in the variety of soy candles we cant help but feel there are a few styles they haven’t tried yet. One of the major ones is a freestanding soy candle. We keep expecting to see one and we have been pushing our manufacturers to bring one to the market place. You never know one might come out soon.

Using Your Soy Beauty
Burning soy candles is a little different to burning traditional candles. When you purchase a soy candle you should cut about a quarter of an inch off the top and then start burning it. You should repeat this step for every use of the candle. This is because you need to teach your candle a burning pattern. If you don’t the wick can end up all over the place and the scent doesn’t get released properly.

The other thing to bear in mind is how to put a soy candle out. Unlike a traditional candle you should dip the wick into the wax to put out the flame. Doing it the traditional way would leave soot on the wick which ruins future burns.

Anyway we hope you enjoy the delights of these new candles and lets hope a freestanding soy candle comes along.

How Are Candles Scented?

If like us, you are a candle lover then you will no doubt spend hours pouring over the endless candles you come across in stores. Firstly the colour may grab your attention and then their shapes and sizes but more importantly and most significantly you will notice their scent.

But just how do candles get their scent? How do they make candles smell so wonderful and help relax us after a hard days work? These are questions that we often come across in our line of work and there is one simple answer. It’s all about science.

Candles are scented through the use of a blend of fragrance oils. A light fragrance liquid is finely blended with an oil to form a nice thick fragranced liquid solution. The level or amount of fragrance oil that is added to the candle wax determines how the final scent turns out. When the wax is hot, fragrance oil is added and mixed into the solution. The wax is then poured into a mould and once the mould has cooled the candle will have stored the finely tuned wax within. The fragrance is then released when the candle is burned.

Now that you know all about creating candle scents you may be wondering as to why so many similar types of candles smell so differently. So for example why vanilla fragranced candles will smell different from candle to candle. The answer lies in the manufacturing process. The fragrance oils are the most expensive part of the process and so many manufacturers try to skimp on costs by adding a few less drops of fragrance oil to each candle.

The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to order from quality and reputable retailers who are supplied from high quality manufacturers. At Candles To You we source the highest quality candles and our regular visits to the plantation/manufacturer means we make sure you get the best quality luxury candles for your money.

It maybe tempting to buy from retailers offering low low prices but once you get the candles home you will be disappointed. Ultimately with candles you get what you pay for. Time, love and effort has to be put into the production of candles.