Candles & Music (Sixteen Candles Lyrics)

A local artist recently asked us if we could provide him with a candle arrangement for a live concert he was putting on in the city of Manchester. This made us think more about the role of candles and how they have heavily featured in music over the years. For me one of the most memorable uses would be in one of Kurt Cobain’s last concert. He performed an unplugged show with a set that resembled a funeral. Quite chilling really.

Other artists have even featured candles heavily in their lyrics. The Crest’s of course had a famous song called sixteen candles. If you take a look at some of the lyrics from sixteen candles you will see how heavily candles feature.

Sixteen candles make a lovely light
But not as bright as your eyes tonight
(as your eyes tonight) (Oh)
Blow out the candles, make your wish come true
For I’ll be wishing that you love me, too
(that you love me, too)

We will hopefully have some pictures soon of the arrangement and will of course keep you updated. If you want to reminisce about the sixteen candles lyrics or know of any music concerts where candles have featured heavily then drop us a line.

Are LED Candles The Way Forward!!

In recent months we have seen an emerging trend in alternative candles. That is LED candles and flameless candles. So what’s the big attraction and why are so many companies choosing to stock them.

Well the obvious reason would be the safety implications. Not having to use a live flame means people can live them on all night long and not have to worry them. Although this seems the obvious reason LED candles offer something else and that is a fantastic array of bright colours. Many of them in fact change colour to suit your mood. Common colours such as blue and yellow really stand out in a room. They have a mystical look to them and is quite breath taking at times.

Some LED candles go one step further and this feature will really appeal to the geeks out there. The LED candles not only have the appearance and look of a real candle but they also make use of a flickering type of light effect. What’s more you blow them on and off. The video below shows one in action.

LED Candle Demonstration

Although we were initially very taken by the LED candles it does have some major drawbacks. Firstly they are battery powered which means you have to replace the batteries every so often. More importantly the LED candles don’t give off any scent. Surely this is the whole point of candles. Candles are also supposed to be subtle and not illuminate everything in the room. There is no doubt that they are impressive however I think natural candles will always have a place in peoples living rooms.

That Time Of Year Again… Unique Gifts Anybody??

Of course we are referring to Christmas and with it being only a couple of months away we are starting to prepare ourselves for the busy festive season. In preparation we have been sourcing new ranges and launching some nice promotions. Although we have a great range of Christmas candle gifts we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our partners who sell a fantastic range of unique gifts.

The company (Lovely Things) owned by a close friend of ours has literally something for everyone and you wont find gifts like these anywhere else. We believe the gifts on offer by them tie in nicely with ours and think that you could give some one the perfect Christmas.

The level of service at Lovely Things is also exceptional and they provide some expert guides on what to buy and for which occasion. Just check out their blog for the latest tips. The products (jewellery gifts, baby gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, etc) they have in their collection is also a great talking point as many of the thing they have wont be found anywhere else. If you are looking for something remarkable and completely unique then you will want to check out Lovely

Join Our Friends In America

At Candles To You we operate and delivery products within the UK however as we develop our brand further and engage with the candle community more and more we feel it’s important to share information and resources with people across the world. Recently we have been in contact with a great company based in the USA.

Universol Aromas Soy Candle Co. are a company that specialise in soy candles and produce and manufacture the candles themselves over in the United States of America. The company based in Washington is also proud of its close connections with various charities and works hard to promote environmentally friendly methods. We are particularly excited about this company as they also engage heavily with the candle community and have a great blog.

We hope to work with them closely in the future and would suggest that you guys take a look at their site. They have some really interesting products.

Can Candles Really Effect Our Energy Levels?

Hi guys, I just wanted to apologise for the recent lack of posts but anyway I recently came across the concept of candles effecting peoples energy levels and wanted to share it with you. For many centuries people have believed that candles can affect ones livelihood and energy levels. In fact candles according to ancient history was key to influencing peoples emotions, wealth, fertility levels and desire. These strange beliefs were often associated with the colours of each candle and how they glow.

So what influence do candles have on our lives in today’s context? Well this question seems particular fitting for this time of year as winter is fast approaching. Many people of course, across the world suffer from the winter blues. This is where candles can help. Lighting a candle in the morning before work can really boost your energy levels and help keep you feeling fresh all day.

So lets have a look at the colours and what each one represents.

White: White is of course the most common type of colour and represents spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, peace and purity.

Red: This colour has an intense meaning and gives you a feeling of being highly charged. It also represents an element of fire which in turn hints at danger. This one will keep you on edge.

Purple: One of the most vibrant colours and represents ambition and financial security.

Orange: Excellent for recharging those batteries and for warming your sense. Represents intellectual superiority.

Blue: Embodies the spirit of water and gives you the feeling of being free. It’s about self expression and having inner peace.

There are of course many other colours but I will leave those to your imagination. Of course whether candles do effect your energy levels in down to individual opinion so why not drop us a line and let us know about your experiences. We will give a 5% discount voucher to the person who comes up with the best one.

Decorating Your Candle Jars

We have been meaning to blog on this one for some time now and we think you will love this idea. The idea came from a convention that we attended over in America a few months a go. The Bitter Creek Candles & Soap Making convention was a 3 day event and allowed companies and enthusiasts from around the world to meet up and discuss new ideas. Anyway we were deep in conversation throughout the convention with a chap from Iowa who had come with the idea of decorating your candle jars.

We were a bit skeptical about the decorating your candle jars idea but when he showed us some of his work we were shocked. They looked absolutely amazing and he went on to explain how they would make a lovely personalised gift for someone. So we looked into this idea and have come up with a few ideas on how to create the perfect decorated candle jar.

You Will Need The Following:
A Scented Candle Jar
Items to decorate your jar. Craft shops would be perfect places to find gems and other little decorative items to add to your jar.
Strengthened Glue

The decorating of a candle jar is fairly straightforward however coming up with ideas can be difficult. With a little help from our new friend we have decided to give you a few ideas to get you on your way.

Think about the scent of the candle you are using and maybe try and decorate your candle around that. So if you a sea breeze candle jar for example you could put star fishes and sea shells around the outside.

Consider using materials. Glass candle jars have lids that are perfect for wrapping materials around.
Transparent gems look great on the outside of candle jars as when you lite them the glow of the candle shines through them.

The possibilities are simply endless. If you have any great ideas then why not share them with the group. You can even post your pictures on here if you like.