Using Floating Candles as Centerpieces

Elegant evening gatherings can benefit greatly from a nice assortment of candles. Make a great center piece with some floating candles and you will have a breath taking sight that will catch many a passing glances and turn them into long stares. The best part is that you don’t need to be a decorator to assemble such a centerpiece to make it appealing to the eye and to lend a hand to the overall success of the gathering.

You will find a large variety of floating candles available for you to create your masterpiece. If you have an occasion to plan and need to save as much money as possible you can save by foregoing the decorator and doing it yourself with your first piece of inspiration being a floating candle centerpiece.

The first thing you need to bring to your attention before you go off shopping is the mood of the gathering you are catering to. Also think about the style and the other decorative elements that will be used so you can create a theme of harmony throughout. Remember that you will see a lot of different types out there once you start looking so don’t make the mistake of saying let me look and see what is available first as this may just cause you more confusion than is necessary. To keep a level head throughout the selection process have some idea of what you want before you start looking.

You can choose candles in shapes and colors that go well with your theme. You can also choose ones that tie in with the weather or the season of the year. Be wary though that if you are going to be using candles with out of the ordinary shapes you will need more room in you water vessel so at the same time consider what you will be displaying the candles in. if it is a large gathering or it will be used in a large room as the centerpiece for the room you can rent a water feature and then place the candles in the water. This could turn out fantastic from the beautiful candles to the sound of flowing water; spectacular!

If you just need a centerpiece for a table your vessel is just as important. You will need to know the dimensions of the table so that your centerpiece is not too large so as to overpower the table and not too small so as to get lost in the table. You also want to think about what will be done at the table to decide how much other room you need to have. So will it be a table where people will be dining? If so you will need to leave enough space for plate settings to be comfortably placed with enough space all around.

You don’t have to use a lot of candles for a centerpiece for a table that will be used for dinning purposes. What you could do is, instead of getting a shallow and wide bowl you could get a tall and narrow vase and place colorful stones or gems at the bottom and then place one or two candles at op depending on the size. This will count for a very visually appealing dinner time display.

It may come as a surprise to you that they do have candelabras that are designed for floating candles. These by themselves add visual interest to the centerpiece meaning less work for you. If you go this route, first choose the candelabra then choose candles in matching shapes and sizes and you are done. Since you will know just how many candles can be held in the candelabra you won’t need to take any measurements and estimate the space needed etc. Just count the spaces and purchase enough candles.

Creating the perfect centerpiece on your own is quite possible and won’t be too hard a task to complete. You can do a simple yet elegant centerpiece or you can go for a large and elaborate one. Whatever you choose start knowing that you will do a great job and it will all work out fine.

All You Need to Know About Floating Candles

I like to look at floating candles. If I am anywhere and see them I have to take the time to give them a real good look and not just a once over glance. These candles are very popular in terms of decorating and you can accomplish a number of different designs by the way the candles are arranged. This is why it is never the same experience when I look at a set of floating candles.

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How to Safely Enjoy Luxury Scented Candles

Everybody loves to have a nice looking home even if we don’t keep it that way. But we do all dream about those designer homes we see on television with beautiful designs and wall art and matching décor at every turn. Those nicely decorated mantles and nice furniture with great accents on the walls and all that. But what is it that is there that we can’t see but something that we could easily add to our homes? A lovely scent!

You could go with the plug in air freshener or one of those ones that sit on a flat surface and spray out some air freshener intermittently or you could really old fashioned and reach for a can of spray. But there is another option! Scented candles; and what is even better is that they add wonderful scents while adding texture to your decor as well. You can find your regular candles along with tea light candles, gel candles, soy candles and even incense sticks all for this purpose and the selections are so diverse.

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