Refresh Your Room Using a Fragrance Lamp

If you are tired of masking unpleasant odours with air fresheners of every sort then by all means indulge in the purchase of a fragrance lamp. These devices not only disperse a fresh scent of your choice but they actually kill odour causing bacteria and eliminate the odour in the air by emitting a small amount of low level ozone.  What do you have to say about that; something that kills bacteria while giving your home a better scent.

These kinds of lamps only require a flame to be active for two to three minutes and then it is extinguished and it slowly releases the necessary gasses for the next 30 to 45 minutes to help keep odours at bay in your house.

These lamps have a large coverage area with one lamp having the ability to cover 100 square feet of space. Now that is way more than you can say for those aerosol sprays and plug in fans which can only serve a small to medium sized room each.

Fragrance lamps are no new invention as a matter of fact they have been in use for over a hundred years with their first and primary purpose being to get rid of smells and bacteria in the air at hospitals and mortuaries. The lamp performs a catalytic function by converting alcohol into fuel. This alcohol in turn changes into negatively charged ions then eliminates the bacteria causing the unbearable scent. At first they were made to only kill bacteria and remove smells from the air but it has evolved a great deal since then.

Now you can use these lamps to not only get rid of bacteria and the scents that come along with it but also to disperse your favourite scent into the air. If you have always wanted to have a certain scent in your house all the time then this presents the perfect opportunity. This device allows you to get rid of bad odours and replaces them with good odours making it a dual functioning device that is definitely worth the extra expense.

Once you make your purchase you will be happy to know that you won’t need to do any maintenance. There is no build up, no soot or no need for wiping down the device. The only thing you will need to do is change the wick and or the burner stove once in a while. You will find that changes scents will be a little tedious since this requires you to remove the wick and leaving it for 20 to 30 minutes to dry completely prior to putting it back and adding the new scent.

A Look at Fragrance Lamps throughout the Years

You will see fragrance lamps also referred to as catalytic lamps. They first came on the scene in the 1800’s with the original purpose of cleaning the air in mortuaries and hospitals. They used a process known as catalytic combustion and as such were also called catalytic lamps. How it works is that a stone wick is first heated then the flame is quenched and the heated wick performs the catalytic process. This speeds up the decomposition of unpleasant odour molecules thus making the air more enjoyable. The lamps are also good for destroying bacteria and have a success rate of 85% of bacteria in the air being gone after using such a product. When the lamps were in use they would emit a small amount of ozone which is attributed to their ability to purify the air of both the odour and the bacteria causing the odour.

Nowadays these types of lamps aren’t used anymore. This is due to the many innovations in air purification that has occurred over the years. You will still find a number of people who make use of these lamps though both in a home setting as well as in an office setting. In the 1800’s they used unscented fuels initially then started using scented oils mixed with alcohol. This was a great invention as the lamps not only now got rid of bad odours but they also replaced them with a pleasant or should I say a desirable one. The reason many people still use these types of lamps is because of the absence of an open flame which means less risk of harming oneself or property.

You can find a large number of different fragrance lamps on the market today. The first patented technology of its kind was in 1897 and Maurice Berger was the man behind the “Lampe Berger”. If you were to try and get a lamp from this era you will find that it will be quite expensive. Though these lamps are very good at what they do you can find more modern versions that are equally good and that come with a cheaper price tag. The newer ones are also more attractive than their ancestors being made from high quality materials and coming in a range of sizes and styles that can nicely intertwine with your current home or office decor. You can also get a wide selection of fragrances and fragrant oils to use with your lamp making them the perfect thing for your home or office.

Keeping the Spirit of Christmas Alive with Candle Lights

Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays worldwide and who celebrates Christmas without a lot of lights and festivity? Not many people that is for sure. For many the sight of Christmas candles never grows dim from their minds and it is one that they will always treasure.

I can’t begin to list the many variations of candles that are available for Christmas festivities. When it comes to the internet your choices increase two or three fold as there is so much to find on the internet from different continents and cultures. One thing that has been catching on is the flameless candle.

The flameless candle seems to be taking over from traditional candles as persons love the fact that they don’t have to clean up wax droppings and soot after a lovely Christmas evening. These are also less hazardous as they don’t pose the risk of fire.

But you can still get the traditional Christmas candles if for nothing else for just display. You can dress them up in fancy holders and ribbons of the traditional Christmas colors and if you never plan to have them lit, even better for you as simple white candles can be easily dressed up and  cost way less than specialty candles or season candles in this case.

You can also use plain colored old fashioned candles and dress them up. As a matter of fact you can dress up any age candle if this Christmas won’t mean a season of receiving for you. Use holly greens and flowers or stickers of these to decorate bland candles knowing that the candle is personal being made by you will definitely count for a lot.

Electric candles can be very aesthetically appealing especially in the long run as you can have these candles every year and no one could be able to tell that they aren’t new. These candles don’t have wires hanging outs o you don’t have to worry about creating some sort of electricity hazard in your home. They are thus ideal for placing on your Christmas tree if you will have one.

Enjoy your next Christmas with family and beautiful candle lights whether from traditional candles or from newer more innovative candle types such as the electric flameless candle. Start your search online as you can get some really good deals here. Start early too so you can get the bargain prices on candles that have been around since last Christmas that just simply need to go.