Candle Making Jars – Supplies to Complete Imaginative Candles

Clever containers can make the difference from imaginative and so-so candles. Chandlers are always on the lookout for ways to present their finished candles in a exciting and unusual manner. Many different kinds of containers can be used for a candle jar. Unique holders in the past have included vases, bottles, glasses and bowls of all shapes and sizes. Purchasing candle making jars from the internet offers even more opportunity for variety. You can use an unusual shape to set off creative impulses in your imagination. Sometime the candle creation is routine but the container is special.

Craft stores are popular places to find candle jars and containers. Craft stores have supplies devoted to candles and their containers. They also have flower arranging supplies such as vases. Either of these offer ideas for unusual candle containers. Browsing in the craft store may give you other candle jar ideas.

A few stores dedicated to supplies for making candles exist in the real world. You are more likely to find such supplies on the Internet. Not only jars, but all the other helpful candle making supplies can be found online. Candle making e-boutiques are sure to give you some ideas for new candle creations in your home.

Another design that works for creating candles at home is by using a Mason jar or similar containers. This type of jar glass is good for candles because it is strong enough to handle boiling water used in canning. Temperature extreme are a certain when canning. They are also common when candles heat up and the flames feed on the wick. If you are not impressed with the appearance of the regular canning jar, look at decorative canning jars intended for jelly.

You can’t use jars that are too narrow through the neck, because the proximity of the flame to the glass can cause the glass to break. The temperature extreme can be too much for a jar with a narrow neck. Very wide and flat bowls used as candle jars can also create some design issues. You may have to use more than one wick to balance the proportions of the flame and the wax.

Unusual shapes give a variety of candle-making ideas. Candles selected from a craft store might come in round, cylindrical, square and irregular shapes. Use the multitude of shapes and sizes to spark your creativity.

The right color, shape, scent and wick construction is what makes the candle design work. You can use all the right products, but they must also be put together with imagination and creative. Using good quality products gives you the best results. The successful final product will be a combination of color, jar shape and good burn patterns in the candle.

Candle making jars come in clear and opaque jars for better expression of your creative ideas. The best looking candles also have a nice scent to affect your mood in a positive way. When you get the right mood with your home crafted candle, your whole day will go better.

Candle Gift For All Occasions

Candles have been used for lighting since the ancient Egyptians. Although candles are no longer the major source of light with the invention of electric light bulbs, they are used today to accent decor in a room, set the mood, release stress, symbolize celebration, and define ceremonies. Candle gift is often sent to friends and loved ones for holidays and celebrations such as housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and new baby. This article informs the different types of candles available and provide gift ideas for different occasions.

Candles consists mainly of wax and a wick. Nowadays, most are made of paraffin wax and stearic acid to raise the melting point, although soy wax and beewax can also be used. can be categorized by their shape, size, and function. Taper or dinner candles are slender, and are designed to be securely set in a candle holder in an upright position for safe burning. They can create a romantic atmosphere at the dinner table, especially when set in crystal candle holders.

Pillar candles can stand on their own, Their shapes are usually round, but can be square, rectangular, or other designs. They must be used with heat resistant bases or stands to prevent fire hazard.

Container or jar candles are containers filled with wax and wick. Non-flammable Containers such as heat resistant glass jars and ceramic pottery are commonly used. Since the wax is filled inside the container, dripping associated with burning candle can be avoided. Scented candles are usually come in container jars.

Votive (prayer) candles are 2 1/2″ high and usually square or cylindrical in shape. They are designed to burn safely in small, heat resistant glass containers to control the liquefied wax.

Tealight candles are usually about 1 1/2″ in diameter and around 3/4″ high, and encased in a cylindrical metal container. These small candles are often used in a holder for accent lighting, and as food warmers. They are also used to heat the diffuser in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy candles contain essential oils extracted from plants, and are often used for calming, relaxation, and meditation. One commonly used essential oil, lavender oil, is used for the relief of stress. Another essential oil, rose oil, has anti-inflammatory, soothing, and calming properties.

Candle gift baskets usually contain a combination of different candle types, and may contain pillar, votive and tealight candles. When selecting a candle gift for home decor, the selection criteria may be based on the scent and the atmosphere that the candle creates. For example, a white wrought iron candelabra set with 5 slow burning white candles and decorative garland of white berries and green plastic leaves will make a beautiful centerpiece for holiday celebration, and set the room alight with romance. A candle gift basket filled with tarts that bring delicious aroma of fruits or fresh baked pastries will fill the house with inviting aroma.

While most candles are used for enhancing home decor, they can also be used in ceremonies and symbolize celebrations. For example, lighting of the unity candle is a popular addition to the traditional wedding ceremony. The unity candle ceremony uses two taper candles with a large pillar unity candle in the center. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, a representative from each family (usually the mother of the bride and groom) lights the two taper candles. Later in the ceremony, the bride and groom use the two taper candles to light the large pillar candle together. Lighting of the unity candle symbolizes the union of the bride and groom becoming one in commitment.

In addition, memorial candle can be used to commemorate a loved one in a wedding celebration. Special candle gifts are also available for the celebration of wedding anniversary, birthday, new baby, baptism, and first communion.

In summary, candles can be used to accent decor, set the mood, and release stress. They can also be used to symbolize celebrations. Candle gift can be sent to convey your good wishes for holidays, housewarming, wedding, anniversary, and other special occasions,

A Guide to Making Heart Floating Candles Suitable For Valentine’s Day

Floating heart shaped candles are a great way to set the mood for Valentine’s Days for all you romantics out there.  Just think about it, a nice large transparent bowl with beautiful floating candles in the shape of hearts, the light on dim or turned off altogether with the flame from the candles flickering and casting shadows on the wall.

Candles can put anyone in a relaxing mood or pretty much any kind of positive mood you can think about. This is why they are so popular at Valentines. They are great for dinner, taking a bath and of course lovemaking making them ideal for the entire evening.

Though Valentine’s Day is predominantly red you don’t have to go with red candles if red is not your colour or you just want your valentine’s day to be different and special. There are a number of ways you can use floating candles to make your valentine’s evening a romantic and unforgettable one. Here are some suggestions;

  1. A Romantic Bath – you will need to set up your bath tub. It doesn’t matter if you have a garden tub or a regular tub presentation is the key. You can opt to use fragranced floating candles or regular floating candles along with some scented pillar candles to place on the floor or on shelves around the bath making the bath the focal point of the room. Add some rose petals to the water and this should top off your setting.
  2. Centrepiece for  a Romantic Dinner – Choose between a large wide rimmed bowl or a narrower and taller version depending on the size of your table and the type of meal you plan to serve. If your table is small and you plan to have serving dishes on the table with the food then you should opt for a smaller centrepiece.  Just as you added rose petals in the bath you can add them here as well and then have the candles floating a top of the rose petals.
  3. Romantic trails – you can leave a trail with rose petals and bowls with floating candles leading to the bedroom or whichever other room you want to lead your lover to. Then finish off with a nice display at the final destination.

To put more of you into the entire project, set aside some time one night where you make these little floating candles yourself. It is quite simple, let me tell you how.

Decide which colour you want to use and melt the wax and add the dye. Beforehand get the desired heart shape moulds that you want to use. You can find them in both metal and silicone or you can just use a baking pan of a desired depth and pour the wax in to make a large rectangle. When the wax starts to set you can use cookie cutters to cut out heart shaped candles. Once you are done leave them in the mould overnight and then you will be ready for Valentine’s Day.

Candle Gift Baskets – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you are looking to buy a dynamite and long lasting gift for a birthday, anniversary, and marriage ceremony or as a thank you, candle gift baskets are a great choice. They come in an array of combinations. These consist of an assortment of three pillar candles, a collection of three or six votives, a kit with votive holders and scented votives, or even a crystal candle holder with tapered candles. No matter what the occasion, there is a gift kit that will work for you.

With giving candle baskets, you can be assured that you are bestowing the gift that keeps on giving. Every time the candle is lit, your friend or loved one will keep in mind your kindness and the moment you gave them the present. Some candles included in gift collections are fragranced with a collective smell such as apple or vanilla and others are scented with exotic flavors such as Turkish figs and Tuscan wine. Also, several are produced of the regular wax, but others are made from recycled elements of other candles and some are made from soy. Either way, you will be able to give the present that keeps on giving.

Many times, a person will work with the candles they have received in candle gift baskets as part of their centerpiece on their table or as a spa like element in their bathroom around their bathtub. The candles can come in many various shapes, sizes, scents and colors. Be sure to understand the style of your friend or family member’s house so that they will be more likely to display your present and burn it often.

Several candle gift baskets are elegant and will beautifully reveal your gratitude, affection and adoration for the person to whom you are giving the gift. However, it is important that you inform them of the right way to burn the candle. First of all it is vital to trim the wick before beginning to burn the candle. This will ensure that black soot will not form around or on the candle and that fire hazards are taken care of. Also, especially when burning open candles, make sure that you don’t forcefully blow the candle out. This can cause painful burns as well as a mess of wax on furniture and countertops. So no matter if the candle if soy or beeswax or smells like vanilla or candy cane or is yellow or fuchsia, a set of candles as a gift is a tremendous option.

Using Floating Candles To Woo Your Valentine

You don’t have to have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day in fact you can be your own valentine. If you don’t want to be alone you can spend it with friends or family members like yourself who are not in a relationship.

You can still give a gift to these persons and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A great gift idea could be a Floating candle set. All you need are the items to put it together; candles, holders, glass jar and decorations if you want. You can make a handmade card and insert it in with the gifts explaining how they should set up their floating candle arrangement. Of course if you can afford to you can get an elaborate store bought floating candle arrangement with all the bells and whistles it is entirely up to you or you can make the candles yourself and source the bowl and decorations yourself too making it a very personal project.

For the rest of you lovers who have something to celebrate and want to do it in fine style on a cheap budget we have just what you need. Instead of giving the usual roses and chocolates why don’t you give your loved one an evening of romance and solitude surrounded with candles. Start with a candle lit dinner with a centrepiece of floating candles on the table and move on to a romantic bath together with floating candles alongside the tub.

To make the occasion even a bit more special you can make these candles yourself. Look for information online showing you how to make the basic candle and if you have the time beforehand try to make one. If it is a success then you know you can make your own candles for Valentine’s Day. This will give the gift even more meaning as your partner will know that it was made by you and is filled with love. It is great when you can find time in this busy world to make something for your loved one and you know that it will be much appreciated on that premise alone.

Valentine’s Day should be special for all even for those who have no romantic partners or no immediate family members around. For the people on the street it should be no different. Offering a simple gift to anyone one of these people on Valentine’s Day will mean a lot to them knowing that even though they don’t have a special someone, somebody still took time out to think about them during this special time of year. You never know just how easily your little token can lift someone’s spirit and make them have a whole new perspective on life.