A Guide to Making Heart Floating Candles Suitable For Valentine’s Day

Floating heart shaped candles are a great way to set the mood for Valentine’s Days for all you romantics out there.  Just think about it, a nice large transparent bowl with beautiful floating candles in the shape of hearts, the light on dim or turned off altogether with the flame from the candles flickering and casting shadows on the wall.

Candles can put anyone in a relaxing mood or pretty much any kind of positive mood you can think about. This is why they are so popular at Valentines. They are great for dinner, taking a bath and of course lovemaking making them ideal for the entire evening.

Though Valentine’s Day is predominantly red you don’t have to go with red candles if red is not your colour or you just want your valentine’s day to be different and special. There are a number of ways you can use floating candles to make your valentine’s evening a romantic and unforgettable one. Here are some suggestions;

  1. A Romantic Bath – you will need to set up your bath tub. It doesn’t matter if you have a garden tub or a regular tub presentation is the key. You can opt to use fragranced floating candles or regular floating candles along with some scented pillar candles to place on the floor or on shelves around the bath making the bath the focal point of the room. Add some rose petals to the water and this should top off your setting.
  2. Centrepiece for  a Romantic Dinner – Choose between a large wide rimmed bowl or a narrower and taller version depending on the size of your table and the type of meal you plan to serve. If your table is small and you plan to have serving dishes on the table with the food then you should opt for a smaller centrepiece.  Just as you added rose petals in the bath you can add them here as well and then have the candles floating a top of the rose petals.
  3. Romantic trails – you can leave a trail with rose petals and bowls with floating candles leading to the bedroom or whichever other room you want to lead your lover to. Then finish off with a nice display at the final destination.

To put more of you into the entire project, set aside some time one night where you make these little floating candles yourself. It is quite simple, let me tell you how.

Decide which colour you want to use and melt the wax and add the dye. Beforehand get the desired heart shape moulds that you want to use. You can find them in both metal and silicone or you can just use a baking pan of a desired depth and pour the wax in to make a large rectangle. When the wax starts to set you can use cookie cutters to cut out heart shaped candles. Once you are done leave them in the mould overnight and then you will be ready for Valentine’s Day.