Blue Candles For Spring and Summer

Blue candles won’t just go with any occasion or any décor as a matter of fact chefs will tell you that blue candles don’t go well at food gatherings. The reason behind this is because the color blue has been shown to have appetite suppressing qualities. Designers will tell you that wearing blue clothing will slow your heart rate and allow your body temperature to be lowered. So wearing blue to a dinner party with blue candles does sound a bit depressing.

However if you are going out in the summer then blue could be ideal as you will lower your temperature. This makes blue candles ideal for burning during the hotter summer months when you are at an occasion that requires the burning of candles.

Blue is also associated with Greece and the Mediterranean as well as it is the color of the sea and sky, all of which sound pretty relaxing to me. Just imagine what kind of feelings burning blue candles could evoke. Mix in some white candles and you can almost smelt he sea; the blue ocean and the white sandy beach. Place these at an outdoor pool where you can feel the water and if you close your eyes you will be in paradise.

If you want intrigue and mystery experiment with darker hues of blue in flickering lights scattered around the setting. You can also incorporate some purples and some lavender to make it even more intriguing. These colors are ideal to give a luxurious feeling as well as they are the colors of wealth and luxury.

To dress up these color candles it is best to use candle holders that are made of glass. You can mix up larger candle holders and candles with tiny votive candle holders and candles in a different hue of blue. For the tea light candles you can use the regular silver folders if you are having a dinner party with silver cutlery.

Though this is the case you don’t have to limit the use of blue candles to the summer months. It is a personal choice and you can use them any time of year you wish and at any occasion once they match the color scheme. You can even combine blue candles with lively colors such as red and yellow. It really is all up to you and what works for you.