Candle Gift For All Occasions

Candles have been used for lighting since the ancient Egyptians. Although candles are no longer the major source of light with the invention of electric light bulbs, they are used today to accent decor in a room, set the mood, release stress, symbolize celebration, and define ceremonies. Candle gift is often sent to friends and loved ones for holidays and celebrations such as housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and new baby. This article informs the different types of candles available and provide gift ideas for different occasions.

Candles consists mainly of wax and a wick. Nowadays, most are made of paraffin wax and stearic acid to raise the melting point, although soy wax and beewax can also be used. can be categorized by their shape, size, and function. Taper or dinner candles are slender, and are designed to be securely set in a candle holder in an upright position for safe burning. They can create a romantic atmosphere at the dinner table, especially when set in crystal candle holders.

Pillar candles can stand on their own, Their shapes are usually round, but can be square, rectangular, or other designs. They must be used with heat resistant bases or stands to prevent fire hazard.

Container or jar candles are containers filled with wax and wick. Non-flammable Containers such as heat resistant glass jars and ceramic pottery are commonly used. Since the wax is filled inside the container, dripping associated with burning candle can be avoided. Scented candles are usually come in container jars.

Votive (prayer) candles are 2 1/2″ high and usually square or cylindrical in shape. They are designed to burn safely in small, heat resistant glass containers to control the liquefied wax.

Tealight candles are usually about 1 1/2″ in diameter and around 3/4″ high, and encased in a cylindrical metal container. These small candles are often used in a holder for accent lighting, and as food warmers. They are also used to heat the diffuser in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy candles contain essential oils extracted from plants, and are often used for calming, relaxation, and meditation. One commonly used essential oil, lavender oil, is used for the relief of stress. Another essential oil, rose oil, has anti-inflammatory, soothing, and calming properties.

Candle gift baskets usually contain a combination of different candle types, and may contain pillar, votive and tealight candles. When selecting a candle gift for home decor, the selection criteria may be based on the scent and the atmosphere that the candle creates. For example, a white wrought iron candelabra set with 5 slow burning white candles and decorative garland of white berries and green plastic leaves will make a beautiful centerpiece for holiday celebration, and set the room alight with romance. A candle gift basket filled with tarts that bring delicious aroma of fruits or fresh baked pastries will fill the house with inviting aroma.

While most candles are used for enhancing home decor, they can also be used in ceremonies and symbolize celebrations. For example, lighting of the unity candle is a popular addition to the traditional wedding ceremony. The unity candle ceremony uses two taper candles with a large pillar unity candle in the center. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, a representative from each family (usually the mother of the bride and groom) lights the two taper candles. Later in the ceremony, the bride and groom use the two taper candles to light the large pillar candle together. Lighting of the unity candle symbolizes the union of the bride and groom becoming one in commitment.

In addition, memorial candle can be used to commemorate a loved one in a wedding celebration. Special candle gifts are also available for the celebration of wedding anniversary, birthday, new baby, baptism, and first communion.

In summary, candles can be used to accent decor, set the mood, and release stress. They can also be used to symbolize celebrations. Candle gift can be sent to convey your good wishes for holidays, housewarming, wedding, anniversary, and other special occasions,