Candle Wick Secrets to Better Burning Candles

How to make candles burn better might seem like a mystery but knowing how to do it is not rocket science. You just need to know how. Choosing the right kind of candle wick is important. The right size of wick should also be considered as there are candle wicks for votive candles, tea lights, and different size containers. To determine the size of the wick, you should not base it on the height of the candle but on the width of the candle container. The basic principle is that the size of the container should be directly proportional to the size of the wick. Therefore, a wider container should have a thicker wick.

The relationship between wick size and flame size is not complicated. Because thin candle wicks absorb less liquid wax, it will produce less vapor fuel resulting in a smaller flame. Take note of this relationship when you have a wide container. An evenly distributed burn circumference going into the edge of a wide container is produced by a larger flame.

There are several important things that you need to remember when buying your candle wick. First, it should be marked with the suggested candle container size. If there are no markings, just do a comparison of the several options that you can see. The thickest wicks should be used for containers in excess of 3.5 inches wide For medium-sized wicks, the ideal container should be between 2.5 and 3.5 inches wide. For candle jars that are less than 2 inches, a thinner wick would be fine. However, there is no rule that you cannot use thicker wicks in smaller jars. The only downside is that it will burn off the candle wax much faster.

Another important factor to consider regardless of the wick size or container you use is perfecting the art of centering the wick. Here’s a short procedure that you can use as a guide:

1. Put the candle wick on the center of the jar. Some suppliers place a center marker at the jar that you can use as the reference point.
2. While pouring and while the candle making wax cures, use a popsicle stick that has a small hole in the middle to hold the candle wick.

So there you have it. The tricks are pretty simple to implement using the proper candle making kit like candle wick. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make candles that burn better.

Decorating Your Candle Jars

We have been meaning to blog on this one for some time now and we think you will love this idea. The idea came from a convention that we attended over in America a few months a go. The Bitter Creek Candles & Soap Making convention was a 3 day event and allowed companies and enthusiasts from around the world to meet up and discuss new ideas. Anyway we were deep in conversation throughout the convention with a chap from Iowa who had come with the idea of decorating your candle jars.

We were a bit skeptical about the decorating your candle jars idea but when he showed us some of his work we were shocked. They looked absolutely amazing and he went on to explain how they would make a lovely personalised gift for someone. So we looked into this idea and have come up with a few ideas on how to create the perfect decorated candle jar.

You Will Need The Following:
A Scented Candle Jar
Items to decorate your jar. Craft shops would be perfect places to find gems and other little decorative items to add to your jar.
Strengthened Glue

The decorating of a candle jar is fairly straightforward however coming up with ideas can be difficult. With a little help from our new friend we have decided to give you a few ideas to get you on your way.

Think about the scent of the candle you are using and maybe try and decorate your candle around that. So if you a sea breeze candle jar for example you could put star fishes and sea shells around the outside.

Consider using materials. Glass candle jars have lids that are perfect for wrapping materials around.
Transparent gems look great on the outside of candle jars as when you lite them the glow of the candle shines through them.

The possibilities are simply endless. If you have any great ideas then why not share them with the group. You can even post your pictures on here if you like.

How Are Candles Scented?

If like us, you are a candle lover then you will no doubt spend hours pouring over the endless candles you come across in stores. Firstly the colour may grab your attention and then their shapes and sizes but more importantly and most significantly you will notice their scent.

But just how do candles get their scent? How do they make candles smell so wonderful and help relax us after a hard days work? These are questions that we often come across in our line of work and there is one simple answer. It’s all about science.

Candles are scented through the use of a blend of fragrance oils. A light fragrance liquid is finely blended with an oil to form a nice thick fragranced liquid solution. The level or amount of fragrance oil that is added to the candle wax determines how the final scent turns out. When the wax is hot, fragrance oil is added and mixed into the solution. The wax is then poured into a mould and once the mould has cooled the candle will have stored the finely tuned wax within. The fragrance is then released when the candle is burned.

Now that you know all about creating candle scents you may be wondering as to why so many similar types of candles smell so differently. So for example why vanilla fragranced candles will smell different from candle to candle. The answer lies in the manufacturing process. The fragrance oils are the most expensive part of the process and so many manufacturers try to skimp on costs by adding a few less drops of fragrance oil to each candle.

The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to order from quality and reputable retailers who are supplied from high quality manufacturers. At Candles To You we source the highest quality candles and our regular visits to the plantation/manufacturer means we make sure you get the best quality luxury candles for your money.

It maybe tempting to buy from retailers offering low low prices but once you get the candles home you will be disappointed. Ultimately with candles you get what you pay for. Time, love and effort has to be put into the production of candles.