Changing the Mood With Designer Scented Candles

Nothing changes the mood of a room like designer scented candles. They can add romance and beauty to a wedding, become part of a holiday decorating theme, create a relaxing atmosphere for your home, or make a perfect gift.

Traditionally, long, tapered designer scented candles have been used to add elegance to wedding ceremonies and other romantic occasions. And, for a little mystery, candles in silver, gold, red, or dark green are frequently chosen.

Often the focal point of beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces are designer scented candles which add a festive and fragrant touch to the table. Beautiful scented pillar candles can be placed around the home to add color as well as pumpkin or spice scents.

And it is hard to image Christmas without candles. Designer scented candles are often used to decorate mantles, as part of Christmas centerpieces, or as glowing touches around the room. Pillar candles in red and green are a traditional part of Christmas decorating.

In addition to adding color and sparkle to a room, designer scented candles can also provide Christmas spirit in the form of traditional Christmas scents such as bayberry, pine, or holly berry. There are other delicious holiday candles such as Cozy Christmas, a blend of Nutmeg, Rum, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Chocolate. Another Christmas favorite is Santa’s Pipe, A piping mix of Cherrywood, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Tobacco. And a festive choice is North Pole, which is a mix of Chocolate and Wintermint.

Designer scented candles can also change the mood of our rooms when we want to relax and add a touch of warmth. Nothing makes us feel as much at home as the scents of fresh-baked apple pie, cherry, cinnamon, vanilla, and raspberry. And designer scented candles come in these as well as many other inviting, homey scents.

If you need the perfect gift to say thank you to a hostess, happy birthday to your roommate, or as part of a housewarming gift, designer scented candles make a beautiful and thoughtful statement. They can be bought in colors to match any decor and you can choose candles made from paraffin, gel,or soy.

Candles have changed over the years, and many are now made of soy instead of petroleum products for those prefer “green” products. Any type of candle can be found at one of the many candle shops which have sprung up everywhere, offering hundreds of different candle choices.

But regardless of the color, type, or scent, the one thing all designer scented candles have in common is their remarkable ability to instantly change the mood of a room.

Candles Have Many Uses

Candles can be used for providing wonderful mood lighting whether you are entertaining for a special occasion or for just for a peaceful or romantic night in, they can help set the perfect atmosphere. They can also help relieve stress, aromatherapy is the use of aromatic oils to produce an altering effect on mood or health. They are used to deliver aroma therapeutic scents, because they are excellent medium for maximizing fragrance throw.

Candles are a great addition to your home décor

Candles can also be used for home décor. There is something for everyone in just about every shape, size and color. Some candles are purchased with the intention of being used primarily for decorative purposes and are rarely if ever lit. A lot of people buy Christmas candles for this purpose. Although they are designed to be burned many times they are just displayed for their beauty.

Another way to creatively display candles is in a candle holder. Some holders are literally works of art. You can find holders to hold every time of candle from pillars, to tea lights. One way to display candles is in wall sconces. Wall sconces are a dramatic way to display your candles and also add unique mood lighting to a room. Candles add a great touch to your home décor.

Candles can be molded into many different shapes

Candles can be molded into just about any shape. Some of the most interesting have a design molded into the sides of the candle. Some have intricate textures carved into the sides of the candle to give interesting faux effects such as leather or snake skin. Others are shaped as various items, for example some popular shapes for candle include roses, birds, and heart shaped. There is no end to the creativity that is possible with candle design.

Maria loves candles. She blogs about many things online, but the light and fragrance of a good candle is always nearby.

Aromatherapy Diffusers: Information to Help You Choose the Perfect Diffuser for Your Needs

One of the ways aromatherapy works is by scenting the air you breathe with therapeutic essences of the plants, flowers, and trees. An Aromatherapy Diffuser helps transport the healing essences to your nose and respiratory system and can cost little or no money or hundreds of dollars. Below is a list of different kinds of diffusing methods and devices to help you decide which aromatherapy diffuser or method is right for your needs.

1) Aromatics: Simple and Cheap

Open up your bottle of therapeutic essential oils and sniff away. This is obviously cheap and fast. You can also place a few drops on a cotton ball and place it on your pillow when you are laying down, or on a tissue to keep in your hand to smell. Use these methods right away, since the essential oils will evaporate fairly quickly.

2) Lamp Rings

Lamp Rings are simple devises that are gently laid upon a standard light bulb. You carefully add a couple drops of essential oils into the ring and the heat from the bulb releases the scent into the air.

3) Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers

These small inhalers resemble a lipstick or lip balm tube. They have a small chamber that holds a special wick. You add drops of your therapeutic essential oils into the chamber and seal it up. These can be carried in your pocket or purse and are a lovely and discreet way to inhale your favorite essences for therapeutic or emotional reasons.

4) Candle Aromatherapy Diffusers: Also called Aroma Lamps or Essential Oil Burners

These types of aromatherapy diffusers use a water dish and tea light candles for heat. They can come in 1, 2, or 3-piece units. There is usually a stand that a reservoir sits upon. Candle diffusers can be made out of soapstone, glass, clay (pottery), or metal. Many are hand-carved and are quite beautiful. You place a tealight inside the stand, or base, of the diffuser and add water to the dish on top. You then place drops of your favorite essential oils into the water and light the candle. The heat evaporates the scent into the air. These types of diffusers are sometimes used for ceremony or ritual purposes because the lighting of the candle helps set intentions or creates sacred space.

5) Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aromatherapy Jewelry is a pretty way to enjoy the scent of pure essential oils throughout your day. One example is hand-made terra cotta pendants on which you place a drop or two of your favorite essences. The terra cotta is porous and absorbs the oils to slowly release the scent into the air over time. They can be worn on a chain like a necklace or simply placed in a pocket or purse. There are also beautiful lockets, pendants, or bottles that have special wicks inside that you place drops of essential oils on. They are usually necklaces, key chains, or bracelets and can be quite pretty in silver and gold. Prices vary.

6) Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers, Fan Blowers, Plug-Ins

These are very similar to candle aromatherapy diffuser, except that you plug them in instead of using a candle. The can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet, while some brands are specifically made for your car or USB port. They come in many different varieties. Some use a fan to blow the aromas into the air. Others use heat evaporation. Both the electric and candle aromatherapy diffuser that use a water dish cannot be left unattended.

7) Aromatherapy (Spa) Misters

These units combine water, electricity, and a fine misting action that diffuses the essential oils into the air. They are cold-water systems and sometimes come with soothing lights and sounds. People who do not want their essential oils heated, or who live in dry climates really appreciate these types of diffusers. Many of them shut off automatically when the water level runs low.

8) Nebulizers

Nebulizers are electric units that send micro-particles of essential oils into the air. These are recommended for “sick rooms” or when coverage is needed for a large area. Using therapeutic-grade essential oils for respiratory illnesses with a nebulizer is very effective. Only the pure essential oil is diffused into the air as a very fine mist. More product is generally used this way. Many nebulizers come with handy timers and output controls. These can be the most expensive aromatherapy diffusers and are used in clinical, massage, or healing settings.

An aromatherapy diffuser can help you enjoy the benefits of essential oils whether they are for recreational or therapeutic reasons. You may find that you have several types at home or work for different situations.

Property Expert Recommends Scented Candles

Before the economic down turn property development was in its ascendancy and in order to help sell homes developers would add neat little finishing touches. These included rugs, throws, candles and much more.

Property expert recently gave an interview to the Times discussing the use of scented candles for decoration. Other property experts also went on to say that you should even change your candles to keep in with the seasons. We think this is a great idea and loved the thought of using exotic scented candles in the winter while using cool and refreshing scents in the summer.

The article also discussed the notion that we should be using decorations around candles. By this they mean make the candle the centre piece while wrapping or putting things around it.

Decorating The Green Way This Christmas

The nation is turning green this christmas by opting to buy environmentally friendly Christmas decorations. More and more companies are producing such decorations and according to the Times newspaper people are even routing back to more traditional decorations. This is great news for companies like ourselves as candles are probably one of the most traditional decorations you can buy.

Green news site Natural News even goes on to say that scented candles are beautiful whether lit or unlit and make wonderful accents to centrepieces, window sills, lanterns and other decorations. They also go onto say that scented candles can bring the festive smell to a home if carefully selected.

The great thing about candles is that they are also extremely cost effective decorations. You can also customise candles with ideas of your own. We think that wrapping green holly leaves around a candle arrangement looks great.

Send us your great christmas decoration ideas.

Can Candles Really Effect Our Energy Levels?

Hi guys, I just wanted to apologise for the recent lack of posts but anyway I recently came across the concept of candles effecting peoples energy levels and wanted to share it with you. For many centuries people have believed that candles can affect ones livelihood and energy levels. In fact candles according to ancient history was key to influencing peoples emotions, wealth, fertility levels and desire. These strange beliefs were often associated with the colours of each candle and how they glow.

So what influence do candles have on our lives in today’s context? Well this question seems particular fitting for this time of year as winter is fast approaching. Many people of course, across the world suffer from the winter blues. This is where candles can help. Lighting a candle in the morning before work can really boost your energy levels and help keep you feeling fresh all day.

So lets have a look at the colours and what each one represents.

White: White is of course the most common type of colour and represents spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, peace and purity.

Red: This colour has an intense meaning and gives you a feeling of being highly charged. It also represents an element of fire which in turn hints at danger. This one will keep you on edge.

Purple: One of the most vibrant colours and represents ambition and financial security.

Orange: Excellent for recharging those batteries and for warming your sense. Represents intellectual superiority.

Blue: Embodies the spirit of water and gives you the feeling of being free. It’s about self expression and having inner peace.

There are of course many other colours but I will leave those to your imagination. Of course whether candles do effect your energy levels in down to individual opinion so why not drop us a line and let us know about your experiences. We will give a 5% discount voucher to the person who comes up with the best one.

How Are Candles Scented?

If like us, you are a candle lover then you will no doubt spend hours pouring over the endless candles you come across in stores. Firstly the colour may grab your attention and then their shapes and sizes but more importantly and most significantly you will notice their scent.

But just how do candles get their scent? How do they make candles smell so wonderful and help relax us after a hard days work? These are questions that we often come across in our line of work and there is one simple answer. It’s all about science.

Candles are scented through the use of a blend of fragrance oils. A light fragrance liquid is finely blended with an oil to form a nice thick fragranced liquid solution. The level or amount of fragrance oil that is added to the candle wax determines how the final scent turns out. When the wax is hot, fragrance oil is added and mixed into the solution. The wax is then poured into a mould and once the mould has cooled the candle will have stored the finely tuned wax within. The fragrance is then released when the candle is burned.

Now that you know all about creating candle scents you may be wondering as to why so many similar types of candles smell so differently. So for example why vanilla fragranced candles will smell different from candle to candle. The answer lies in the manufacturing process. The fragrance oils are the most expensive part of the process and so many manufacturers try to skimp on costs by adding a few less drops of fragrance oil to each candle.

The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to order from quality and reputable retailers who are supplied from high quality manufacturers. At Candles To You we source the highest quality candles and our regular visits to the plantation/manufacturer means we make sure you get the best quality luxury candles for your money.

It maybe tempting to buy from retailers offering low low prices but once you get the candles home you will be disappointed. Ultimately with candles you get what you pay for. Time, love and effort has to be put into the production of candles.