Changing the Mood With Designer Scented Candles

Nothing changes the mood of a room like designer scented candles. They can add romance and beauty to a wedding, become part of a holiday decorating theme, create a relaxing atmosphere for your home, or make a perfect gift.

Traditionally, long, tapered designer scented candles have been used to add elegance to wedding ceremonies and other romantic occasions. And, for a little mystery, candles in silver, gold, red, or dark green are frequently chosen.

Often the focal point of beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces are designer scented candles which add a festive and fragrant touch to the table. Beautiful scented pillar candles can be placed around the home to add color as well as pumpkin or spice scents.

And it is hard to image Christmas without candles. Designer scented candles are often used to decorate mantles, as part of Christmas centerpieces, or as glowing touches around the room. Pillar candles in red and green are a traditional part of Christmas decorating.

In addition to adding color and sparkle to a room, designer scented candles can also provide Christmas spirit in the form of traditional Christmas scents such as bayberry, pine, or holly berry. There are other delicious holiday candles such as Cozy Christmas, a blend of Nutmeg, Rum, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Chocolate. Another Christmas favorite is Santa’s Pipe, A piping mix of Cherrywood, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Tobacco. And a festive choice is North Pole, which is a mix of Chocolate and Wintermint.

Designer scented candles can also change the mood of our rooms when we want to relax and add a touch of warmth. Nothing makes us feel as much at home as the scents of fresh-baked apple pie, cherry, cinnamon, vanilla, and raspberry. And designer scented candles come in these as well as many other inviting, homey scents.

If you need the perfect gift to say thank you to a hostess, happy birthday to your roommate, or as part of a housewarming gift, designer scented candles make a beautiful and thoughtful statement. They can be bought in colors to match any decor and you can choose candles made from paraffin, gel,or soy.

Candles have changed over the years, and many are now made of soy instead of petroleum products for those prefer “green” products. Any type of candle can be found at one of the many candle shops which have sprung up everywhere, offering hundreds of different candle choices.

But regardless of the color, type, or scent, the one thing all designer scented candles have in common is their remarkable ability to instantly change the mood of a room.

Candles Make Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

Candles are among the most romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day this year. Why is this? Basically, candles are remarkably romantic items that can have a variety of uses. They can be used to illuminate a romantic dinner, a sensual bath, to provide ambience during a quiet evening in together, or for purely decorative purposes.

There are plenty of different shapes and sizes of candles to choose from, from basic small candles up to huge ornate candles, along with scented candles that can fill your home with romantic aromas. There are lots of colours and scents to choose from. Have a look around the candles that will best suit your partner’s personality, and if you’re buying scented candles, make sure you purchase one is that feature a scent that your partner loves.

There are other things to take into consideration as well, such as the decor of your partner’s home, and any particular colour schemes that they prefer. Candles scented with lavender, jasmine or rose are very useful for getting people into a rather more romantic mood, and thus make fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas that both partners can share and enjoy together.

On the other hand if there are any particular sense that your loved one does not like, be sure to avoid those were buying candles as Valentine’s Day gifts. There are other kinds of candles alongside the traditional burning variety. Flameless candles are powered by batteries and usually feature LEDs that give off a romantic glow. Some of these even mimic the real flicker of a genuine flame.

If your partner already has a lot of candles, you may think about buying them candle accessories. These could take the shape of special lighters tapers or perhaps even an ornate snuffer.

If you’re stuck for an idea for Valentine’s Day gifts this year, looking into romantic scented candles and other varieties of these classic items is a positive step forward. In addition they can be enjoyed again and again after Valentine’s Day has passed. This means that your Valentine’s Day gifts will be appreciated, cherished and remembered long after February the 14th has passed.

Candles Have Many Uses

Candles can be used for providing wonderful mood lighting whether you are entertaining for a special occasion or for just for a peaceful or romantic night in, they can help set the perfect atmosphere. They can also help relieve stress, aromatherapy is the use of aromatic oils to produce an altering effect on mood or health. They are used to deliver aroma therapeutic scents, because they are excellent medium for maximizing fragrance throw.

Candles are a great addition to your home décor

Candles can also be used for home décor. There is something for everyone in just about every shape, size and color. Some candles are purchased with the intention of being used primarily for decorative purposes and are rarely if ever lit. A lot of people buy Christmas candles for this purpose. Although they are designed to be burned many times they are just displayed for their beauty.

Another way to creatively display candles is in a candle holder. Some holders are literally works of art. You can find holders to hold every time of candle from pillars, to tea lights. One way to display candles is in wall sconces. Wall sconces are a dramatic way to display your candles and also add unique mood lighting to a room. Candles add a great touch to your home décor.

Candles can be molded into many different shapes

Candles can be molded into just about any shape. Some of the most interesting have a design molded into the sides of the candle. Some have intricate textures carved into the sides of the candle to give interesting faux effects such as leather or snake skin. Others are shaped as various items, for example some popular shapes for candle include roses, birds, and heart shaped. There is no end to the creativity that is possible with candle design.

Maria loves candles. She blogs about many things online, but the light and fragrance of a good candle is always nearby.

Candles Gifts Are Ideal For Christmas Candle Making Sales

Christmas candle gifts are one of the most exceptional symbolisms that bring us into the festive mood. Actually, these candles are essentially no different than the normal decorative candles which are available throughout the year, but by adding little extra festive trimmings you will attract more trade.

Candles for the home at Christmas are often a last minute purchase so don’t be despondent if sales are slow to start with for this range, but if you have a nice boxed range and an attractive selection of gel candles ready early you will find that these candles will start selling first. It is the gift range that needs to be ready well in advance.

If you find that you are getting behind in a candle selection do you use the ones you already have and titivate them up for gifts. They can have glitter glue put on them, ribbons wrapped around them, little metal embellishments stuck on and lots of other things you can think of so that you have a Christmas theme to your range.

Christmas is the time when we share a lot of gifts with our close ones and these gifts are just not a surprise, but a representation of love and charity which make everyone feel special. Though there are numerous items available in stores that you can give as gifts, candle gifts are one of the most stunning as well as special gifts for the season. Although they don’t cost much, they do spread light and love into the hearts of one another while exchanging gifts.

Candle gifts unquestionably come in various shapes and sizes, along with incredible decorative patterns to them so if you are stuck for ideas look around and you will soon start being creative for those Christmas sales.

Some ideas for creating Christmas candle gift sales are:

box up sets of candles:2 pillar candles, 6 votive candles, 1 pillar and 2 votive candles, 3 ball shaped candles
box up a mixed set of 6 votives in different colors and different fragrances
some votive candles with some votive candle holders
chunk candles in traditional Christmas colors
decorate candles with glitter glue and dimensional glitter glue
stick on transfers
use festive color embeds in candles and tie a ribbon around them
set some candles in glasses and brush on some glitter glue to add sparkle
make some gel candles and have foil shapes floating in them

Candle gifts are one of the best possible gift items that you can give to your loved ones, as they not only last for a long time, but also spread the light of happiness wherever they burn.

When you own a home candle making business it is important to think ahead and make candles for the various celebration times throughout the year. The most popular are Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and of course individual birthdays. By planning 6 months ahead you will be organized in time and be able to promote your wares.

Be creative with your candles and also be creative in the way you display them and I am sure you will have top sales of your candle gifts through this period.

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Candle Making Jars – Supplies to Complete Imaginative Candles

Clever containers can make the difference from imaginative and so-so candles. Chandlers are always on the lookout for ways to present their finished candles in a exciting and unusual manner. Many different kinds of containers can be used for a candle jar. Unique holders in the past have included vases, bottles, glasses and bowls of all shapes and sizes. Purchasing candle making jars from the internet offers even more opportunity for variety. You can use an unusual shape to set off creative impulses in your imagination. Sometime the candle creation is routine but the container is special.

Craft stores are popular places to find candle jars and containers. Craft stores have supplies devoted to candles and their containers. They also have flower arranging supplies such as vases. Either of these offer ideas for unusual candle containers. Browsing in the craft store may give you other candle jar ideas.

A few stores dedicated to supplies for making candles exist in the real world. You are more likely to find such supplies on the Internet. Not only jars, but all the other helpful candle making supplies can be found online. Candle making e-boutiques are sure to give you some ideas for new candle creations in your home.

Another design that works for creating candles at home is by using a Mason jar or similar containers. This type of jar glass is good for candles because it is strong enough to handle boiling water used in canning. Temperature extreme are a certain when canning. They are also common when candles heat up and the flames feed on the wick. If you are not impressed with the appearance of the regular canning jar, look at decorative canning jars intended for jelly.

You can’t use jars that are too narrow through the neck, because the proximity of the flame to the glass can cause the glass to break. The temperature extreme can be too much for a jar with a narrow neck. Very wide and flat bowls used as candle jars can also create some design issues. You may have to use more than one wick to balance the proportions of the flame and the wax.

Unusual shapes give a variety of candle-making ideas. Candles selected from a craft store might come in round, cylindrical, square and irregular shapes. Use the multitude of shapes and sizes to spark your creativity.

The right color, shape, scent and wick construction is what makes the candle design work. You can use all the right products, but they must also be put together with imagination and creative. Using good quality products gives you the best results. The successful final product will be a combination of color, jar shape and good burn patterns in the candle.

Candle making jars come in clear and opaque jars for better expression of your creative ideas. The best looking candles also have a nice scent to affect your mood in a positive way. When you get the right mood with your home crafted candle, your whole day will go better.

A Guide to Making Heart Floating Candles Suitable For Valentine’s Day

Floating heart shaped candles are a great way to set the mood for Valentine’s Days for all you romantics out there.  Just think about it, a nice large transparent bowl with beautiful floating candles in the shape of hearts, the light on dim or turned off altogether with the flame from the candles flickering and casting shadows on the wall.

Candles can put anyone in a relaxing mood or pretty much any kind of positive mood you can think about. This is why they are so popular at Valentines. They are great for dinner, taking a bath and of course lovemaking making them ideal for the entire evening.

Though Valentine’s Day is predominantly red you don’t have to go with red candles if red is not your colour or you just want your valentine’s day to be different and special. There are a number of ways you can use floating candles to make your valentine’s evening a romantic and unforgettable one. Here are some suggestions;

  1. A Romantic Bath – you will need to set up your bath tub. It doesn’t matter if you have a garden tub or a regular tub presentation is the key. You can opt to use fragranced floating candles or regular floating candles along with some scented pillar candles to place on the floor or on shelves around the bath making the bath the focal point of the room. Add some rose petals to the water and this should top off your setting.
  2. Centrepiece for  a Romantic Dinner – Choose between a large wide rimmed bowl or a narrower and taller version depending on the size of your table and the type of meal you plan to serve. If your table is small and you plan to have serving dishes on the table with the food then you should opt for a smaller centrepiece.  Just as you added rose petals in the bath you can add them here as well and then have the candles floating a top of the rose petals.
  3. Romantic trails – you can leave a trail with rose petals and bowls with floating candles leading to the bedroom or whichever other room you want to lead your lover to. Then finish off with a nice display at the final destination.

To put more of you into the entire project, set aside some time one night where you make these little floating candles yourself. It is quite simple, let me tell you how.

Decide which colour you want to use and melt the wax and add the dye. Beforehand get the desired heart shape moulds that you want to use. You can find them in both metal and silicone or you can just use a baking pan of a desired depth and pour the wax in to make a large rectangle. When the wax starts to set you can use cookie cutters to cut out heart shaped candles. Once you are done leave them in the mould overnight and then you will be ready for Valentine’s Day.

Candle Gift Baskets – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you are looking to buy a dynamite and long lasting gift for a birthday, anniversary, and marriage ceremony or as a thank you, candle gift baskets are a great choice. They come in an array of combinations. These consist of an assortment of three pillar candles, a collection of three or six votives, a kit with votive holders and scented votives, or even a crystal candle holder with tapered candles. No matter what the occasion, there is a gift kit that will work for you.

With giving candle baskets, you can be assured that you are bestowing the gift that keeps on giving. Every time the candle is lit, your friend or loved one will keep in mind your kindness and the moment you gave them the present. Some candles included in gift collections are fragranced with a collective smell such as apple or vanilla and others are scented with exotic flavors such as Turkish figs and Tuscan wine. Also, several are produced of the regular wax, but others are made from recycled elements of other candles and some are made from soy. Either way, you will be able to give the present that keeps on giving.

Many times, a person will work with the candles they have received in candle gift baskets as part of their centerpiece on their table or as a spa like element in their bathroom around their bathtub. The candles can come in many various shapes, sizes, scents and colors. Be sure to understand the style of your friend or family member’s house so that they will be more likely to display your present and burn it often.

Several candle gift baskets are elegant and will beautifully reveal your gratitude, affection and adoration for the person to whom you are giving the gift. However, it is important that you inform them of the right way to burn the candle. First of all it is vital to trim the wick before beginning to burn the candle. This will ensure that black soot will not form around or on the candle and that fire hazards are taken care of. Also, especially when burning open candles, make sure that you don’t forcefully blow the candle out. This can cause painful burns as well as a mess of wax on furniture and countertops. So no matter if the candle if soy or beeswax or smells like vanilla or candy cane or is yellow or fuchsia, a set of candles as a gift is a tremendous option.

Using Floating Candles To Woo Your Valentine

You don’t have to have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day in fact you can be your own valentine. If you don’t want to be alone you can spend it with friends or family members like yourself who are not in a relationship.

You can still give a gift to these persons and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A great gift idea could be a Floating candle set. All you need are the items to put it together; candles, holders, glass jar and decorations if you want. You can make a handmade card and insert it in with the gifts explaining how they should set up their floating candle arrangement. Of course if you can afford to you can get an elaborate store bought floating candle arrangement with all the bells and whistles it is entirely up to you or you can make the candles yourself and source the bowl and decorations yourself too making it a very personal project.

For the rest of you lovers who have something to celebrate and want to do it in fine style on a cheap budget we have just what you need. Instead of giving the usual roses and chocolates why don’t you give your loved one an evening of romance and solitude surrounded with candles. Start with a candle lit dinner with a centrepiece of floating candles on the table and move on to a romantic bath together with floating candles alongside the tub.

To make the occasion even a bit more special you can make these candles yourself. Look for information online showing you how to make the basic candle and if you have the time beforehand try to make one. If it is a success then you know you can make your own candles for Valentine’s Day. This will give the gift even more meaning as your partner will know that it was made by you and is filled with love. It is great when you can find time in this busy world to make something for your loved one and you know that it will be much appreciated on that premise alone.

Valentine’s Day should be special for all even for those who have no romantic partners or no immediate family members around. For the people on the street it should be no different. Offering a simple gift to anyone one of these people on Valentine’s Day will mean a lot to them knowing that even though they don’t have a special someone, somebody still took time out to think about them during this special time of year. You never know just how easily your little token can lift someone’s spirit and make them have a whole new perspective on life.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

We all know that candles play a large role in Valentine’s Day’s celebrations from candle lit dinners to candle lit baths to candle lit bedrooms but did you know that they can make perfect gifts too. Yes you probably just thought of chocolate and flowers but candles can be even better gifts than those two common clichés.

Due to the versatility of candles you can easily find something to suit the tastes of your loved one. You can find practically any size, any colour or any shape. You can find multiple matching pieces or you’re and find pieces that come together in a funky theme that you just know your lover will like. Also choose a scent that is sure to be their favourite this may just turn them into candle burning junkies everyday of the week.

You also want to take into consideration the current decor of the person’s home for whom you are purchasing the gift after all they will need somewhere to display the candles when not in use and if they match the existing décor this will be a lot easier to do. You want to think about the colour scheme as well as the textures that are found in their home to ensure that you don’t get anything that clashes with this. Otherwise your thoughtful gift may just end up under the bathroom or kitchen sinks. If your lover already is a candle lover and has a lot of candles a great candle gift you can give is a bunch of candle accessories. Again there are almost limitless options.

Romantic scented candles don’t have to just set the mood for Valentine’s Day; they can be a great present as well. Step away from the ordinary, don’t get her chocolate or flowers this valentine’s day instead get them some candles or candle accessories to feed her candle fetish and have her thinking of valentine’s day every time she lights the candle.

Candle Wick Secrets to Better Burning Candles

How to make candles burn better might seem like a mystery but knowing how to do it is not rocket science. You just need to know how. Choosing the right kind of candle wick is important. The right size of wick should also be considered as there are candle wicks for votive candles, tea lights, and different size containers. To determine the size of the wick, you should not base it on the height of the candle but on the width of the candle container. The basic principle is that the size of the container should be directly proportional to the size of the wick. Therefore, a wider container should have a thicker wick.

The relationship between wick size and flame size is not complicated. Because thin candle wicks absorb less liquid wax, it will produce less vapor fuel resulting in a smaller flame. Take note of this relationship when you have a wide container. An evenly distributed burn circumference going into the edge of a wide container is produced by a larger flame.

There are several important things that you need to remember when buying your candle wick. First, it should be marked with the suggested candle container size. If there are no markings, just do a comparison of the several options that you can see. The thickest wicks should be used for containers in excess of 3.5 inches wide For medium-sized wicks, the ideal container should be between 2.5 and 3.5 inches wide. For candle jars that are less than 2 inches, a thinner wick would be fine. However, there is no rule that you cannot use thicker wicks in smaller jars. The only downside is that it will burn off the candle wax much faster.

Another important factor to consider regardless of the wick size or container you use is perfecting the art of centering the wick. Here’s a short procedure that you can use as a guide:

1. Put the candle wick on the center of the jar. Some suppliers place a center marker at the jar that you can use as the reference point.
2. While pouring and while the candle making wax cures, use a popsicle stick that has a small hole in the middle to hold the candle wick.

So there you have it. The tricks are pretty simple to implement using the proper candle making kit like candle wick. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make candles that burn better.