Candles Gifts Are Ideal For Christmas Candle Making Sales

Christmas candle gifts are one of the most exceptional symbolisms that bring us into the festive mood. Actually, these candles are essentially no different than the normal decorative candles which are available throughout the year, but by adding little extra festive trimmings you will attract more trade.

Candles for the home at Christmas are often a last minute purchase so don’t be despondent if sales are slow to start with for this range, but if you have a nice boxed range and an attractive selection of gel candles ready early you will find that these candles will start selling first. It is the gift range that needs to be ready well in advance.

If you find that you are getting behind in a candle selection do you use the ones you already have and titivate them up for gifts. They can have glitter glue put on them, ribbons wrapped around them, little metal embellishments stuck on and lots of other things you can think of so that you have a Christmas theme to your range.

Christmas is the time when we share a lot of gifts with our close ones and these gifts are just not a surprise, but a representation of love and charity which make everyone feel special. Though there are numerous items available in stores that you can give as gifts, candle gifts are one of the most stunning as well as special gifts for the season. Although they don’t cost much, they do spread light and love into the hearts of one another while exchanging gifts.

Candle gifts unquestionably come in various shapes and sizes, along with incredible decorative patterns to them so if you are stuck for ideas look around and you will soon start being creative for those Christmas sales.

Some ideas for creating Christmas candle gift sales are:

box up sets of candles:2 pillar candles, 6 votive candles, 1 pillar and 2 votive candles, 3 ball shaped candles
box up a mixed set of 6 votives in different colors and different fragrances
some votive candles with some votive candle holders
chunk candles in traditional Christmas colors
decorate candles with glitter glue and dimensional glitter glue
stick on transfers
use festive color embeds in candles and tie a ribbon around them
set some candles in glasses and brush on some glitter glue to add sparkle
make some gel candles and have foil shapes floating in them

Candle gifts are one of the best possible gift items that you can give to your loved ones, as they not only last for a long time, but also spread the light of happiness wherever they burn.

When you own a home candle making business it is important to think ahead and make candles for the various celebration times throughout the year. The most popular are Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and of course individual birthdays. By planning 6 months ahead you will be organized in time and be able to promote your wares.

Be creative with your candles and also be creative in the way you display them and I am sure you will have top sales of your candle gifts through this period.

Kaye Dennan has been an art teacher and loves to share her enthusiasm for all things in the art field. For people who want to make a home candle making business their next venture then all the information you need is at where Kaye also freely shares her years of small business ownership tips with you