Changing the Mood With Designer Scented Candles

Nothing changes the mood of a room like designer scented candles. They can add romance and beauty to a wedding, become part of a holiday decorating theme, create a relaxing atmosphere for your home, or make a perfect gift.

Traditionally, long, tapered designer scented candles have been used to add elegance to wedding ceremonies and other romantic occasions. And, for a little mystery, candles in silver, gold, red, or dark green are frequently chosen.

Often the focal point of beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces are designer scented candles which add a festive and fragrant touch to the table. Beautiful scented pillar candles can be placed around the home to add color as well as pumpkin or spice scents.

And it is hard to image Christmas without candles. Designer scented candles are often used to decorate mantles, as part of Christmas centerpieces, or as glowing touches around the room. Pillar candles in red and green are a traditional part of Christmas decorating.

In addition to adding color and sparkle to a room, designer scented candles can also provide Christmas spirit in the form of traditional Christmas scents such as bayberry, pine, or holly berry. There are other delicious holiday candles such as Cozy Christmas, a blend of Nutmeg, Rum, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Chocolate. Another Christmas favorite is Santa’s Pipe, A piping mix of Cherrywood, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Tobacco. And a festive choice is North Pole, which is a mix of Chocolate and Wintermint.

Designer scented candles can also change the mood of our rooms when we want to relax and add a touch of warmth. Nothing makes us feel as much at home as the scents of fresh-baked apple pie, cherry, cinnamon, vanilla, and raspberry. And designer scented candles come in these as well as many other inviting, homey scents.

If you need the perfect gift to say thank you to a hostess, happy birthday to your roommate, or as part of a housewarming gift, designer scented candles make a beautiful and thoughtful statement. They can be bought in colors to match any decor and you can choose candles made from paraffin, gel,or soy.

Candles have changed over the years, and many are now made of soy instead of petroleum products for those prefer “green” products. Any type of candle can be found at one of the many candle shops which have sprung up everywhere, offering hundreds of different candle choices.

But regardless of the color, type, or scent, the one thing all designer scented candles have in common is their remarkable ability to instantly change the mood of a room.