Changing the Mood With Designer Scented Candles

Nothing changes the mood of a room like designer scented candles. They can add romance and beauty to a wedding, become part of a holiday decorating theme, create a relaxing atmosphere for your home, or make a perfect gift.

Traditionally, long, tapered designer scented candles have been used to add elegance to wedding ceremonies and other romantic occasions. And, for a little mystery, candles in silver, gold, red, or dark green are frequently chosen.

Often the focal point of beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces are designer scented candles which add a festive and fragrant touch to the table. Beautiful scented pillar candles can be placed around the home to add color as well as pumpkin or spice scents.

And it is hard to image Christmas without candles. Designer scented candles are often used to decorate mantles, as part of Christmas centerpieces, or as glowing touches around the room. Pillar candles in red and green are a traditional part of Christmas decorating.

In addition to adding color and sparkle to a room, designer scented candles can also provide Christmas spirit in the form of traditional Christmas scents such as bayberry, pine, or holly berry. There are other delicious holiday candles such as Cozy Christmas, a blend of Nutmeg, Rum, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Chocolate. Another Christmas favorite is Santa’s Pipe, A piping mix of Cherrywood, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Tobacco. And a festive choice is North Pole, which is a mix of Chocolate and Wintermint.

Designer scented candles can also change the mood of our rooms when we want to relax and add a touch of warmth. Nothing makes us feel as much at home as the scents of fresh-baked apple pie, cherry, cinnamon, vanilla, and raspberry. And designer scented candles come in these as well as many other inviting, homey scents.

If you need the perfect gift to say thank you to a hostess, happy birthday to your roommate, or as part of a housewarming gift, designer scented candles make a beautiful and thoughtful statement. They can be bought in colors to match any decor and you can choose candles made from paraffin, gel,or soy.

Candles have changed over the years, and many are now made of soy instead of petroleum products for those prefer “green” products. Any type of candle can be found at one of the many candle shops which have sprung up everywhere, offering hundreds of different candle choices.

But regardless of the color, type, or scent, the one thing all designer scented candles have in common is their remarkable ability to instantly change the mood of a room.

Candles Make Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

Candles are among the most romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day this year. Why is this? Basically, candles are remarkably romantic items that can have a variety of uses. They can be used to illuminate a romantic dinner, a sensual bath, to provide ambience during a quiet evening in together, or for purely decorative purposes.

There are plenty of different shapes and sizes of candles to choose from, from basic small candles up to huge ornate candles, along with scented candles that can fill your home with romantic aromas. There are lots of colours and scents to choose from. Have a look around the candles that will best suit your partner’s personality, and if you’re buying scented candles, make sure you purchase one is that feature a scent that your partner loves.

There are other things to take into consideration as well, such as the decor of your partner’s home, and any particular colour schemes that they prefer. Candles scented with lavender, jasmine or rose are very useful for getting people into a rather more romantic mood, and thus make fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas that both partners can share and enjoy together.

On the other hand if there are any particular sense that your loved one does not like, be sure to avoid those were buying candles as Valentine’s Day gifts. There are other kinds of candles alongside the traditional burning variety. Flameless candles are powered by batteries and usually feature LEDs that give off a romantic glow. Some of these even mimic the real flicker of a genuine flame.

If your partner already has a lot of candles, you may think about buying them candle accessories. These could take the shape of special lighters tapers or perhaps even an ornate snuffer.

If you’re stuck for an idea for Valentine’s Day gifts this year, looking into romantic scented candles and other varieties of these classic items is a positive step forward. In addition they can be enjoyed again and again after Valentine’s Day has passed. This means that your Valentine’s Day gifts will be appreciated, cherished and remembered long after February the 14th has passed.

Safety Guide For Candle Making

Candle making is by no means a dangerous affair and is often an activity that is fun for all the family however people should follow some very basic safety precautions.

Source: Marvin (PA)

David Fisher points out that there are 3 areas of danger which need to be considered when making candles.

  • Dealing with hot wax
  • Accidents & Spills
  • Using fragrances etc that can irritate skin. Be careful of what you use.


Like with most things preparation is essential when taking on a candle making project. You should start by selecting an appropriate location to make your candles. It should be somewhere with plenty of space and is not near anything that could catch fire or cause harm to yourselves. It would also be useful to have a fire distinguisher and wipes on hand to clean up spillages and put out live flames.

Follow A Method

People often find following a method harder than they first thing so the golden rule is to take your time. Don’t rush it as you will only make mistakes. Follow your chosen guide carefully.

I think Cajun probably have some of the best candle making guides and they are well worth the look.


Be careful with the ingredients you use. Some can be toxic so be careful with your hands. I would recommend using gloves. Also colouring can be very powerful and can ruin clothes if splashed on them. Wear sensible clothes that you don’t mind ruining.

Melt Your Wax Safely

Wax does not look like much but when your heating it to extreme temperatures it can become extremely dangerous.

Keep an eye on the temperature. You don’t want your wax to get to hot.

Never leave hot wax unattended. It is probably the stage where you should take over from your children. Don’t even leave it to answer the phone or for any other distraction. Monitor it carefully.

These are all common sense rules but very much worth sticking to and the main thing is to enjoy the experience.

The National Candle Association also gives some great general advice on candle safety.

The Magic Of Candles

Candles are one of the worlds most recognized symbols and represent so many different things so why don’t we use them more often?

Image By: Teon

When we think about candles we think about festivities, prayer, freedom, warmth, romance and tranquility. This amazing range of associations makes us at Candles To You think why aren’t the general public using them more frequently? It’s certainly a strange one and we are hoping in 2009 this will change.


The great thing about candles is the variety of places you can use them in. They sit comfortably in the garden, in the dining room, in the lounge, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom. There are literally candles available for every room.

Candles have come along way since the 50′s and even if we say it ourselves there are some seriously cool designs around. The image of a traditional candle will resonate in many people’s mind in reality candles today differ in shape, size thickness and style. Candles these days can even be shaped as stars or as a sphere.

If you like to do things your own way the development in candle accessories has come on significantly. Candle holders are available in a range of odd shapes and you can now even make candles yourself with wax beads.

So now you know whats out there why not take a look around and find what you need to decorate your home in 2009.

Property Expert Recommends Scented Candles

Before the economic down turn property development was in its ascendancy and in order to help sell homes developers would add neat little finishing touches. These included rugs, throws, candles and much more.

Property expert recently gave an interview to the Times discussing the use of scented candles for decoration. Other property experts also went on to say that you should even change your candles to keep in with the seasons. We think this is a great idea and loved the thought of using exotic scented candles in the winter while using cool and refreshing scents in the summer.

The article also discussed the notion that we should be using decorations around candles. By this they mean make the candle the centre piece while wrapping or putting things around it.

Candles On The Web

So why do so many people purchase candles on the web and what makes companies like Candles To You special? These are questions that we occasionally get asked in our line of work so we thought it might be useful to answer them here on our blog. People can then look at this resource in the future.

To answer this question you really have to look at what is available on the hight street. Numerous stores on the high street sell candles but what ranges do they actually sell. Most of them sell very limited ranges and compete solely on price. They tend to stock tea light candles and candle sticks. They are also often presented in unattractive boxes and no care to attention or detail is given. This is where companies like us make a real difference.

At Candles To You we really care about the products we sell so we look closely at what our suppliers are doing and where they are heading. We also look for the finest scented candles and candles that stand out. Candles on the web should be exciting and be a place where people can get candles that are simply not available anywhere else. So essentially you are getting a wider product range and in essence better quality products online.

We hope you enjoy finding candles on the web as much as we do.

Decorating The Green Way This Christmas

The nation is turning green this christmas by opting to buy environmentally friendly Christmas decorations. More and more companies are producing such decorations and according to the Times newspaper people are even routing back to more traditional decorations. This is great news for companies like ourselves as candles are probably one of the most traditional decorations you can buy.

Green news site Natural News even goes on to say that scented candles are beautiful whether lit or unlit and make wonderful accents to centrepieces, window sills, lanterns and other decorations. They also go onto say that scented candles can bring the festive smell to a home if carefully selected.

The great thing about candles is that they are also extremely cost effective decorations. You can also customise candles with ideas of your own. We think that wrapping green holly leaves around a candle arrangement looks great.

Send us your great christmas decoration ideas.

Deals You Won’t Want To Turn Away

This month we have finally launched our special offers page giving you guys the chance to grab yourself some bargains. To launch the feature we have put on four special offers which see the prices of candle tins and gift sets slashed. We hope you enjoy them and of course there will be many offers to come. You can find the offers on the home page or specials page.

Candles & Music (Sixteen Candles Lyrics)

A local artist recently asked us if we could provide him with a candle arrangement for a live concert he was putting on in the city of Manchester. This made us think more about the role of candles and how they have heavily featured in music over the years. For me one of the most memorable uses would be in one of Kurt Cobain’s last concert. He performed an unplugged show with a set that resembled a funeral. Quite chilling really.

Other artists have even featured candles heavily in their lyrics. The Crest’s of course had a famous song called sixteen candles. If you take a look at some of the lyrics from sixteen candles you will see how heavily candles feature.

Sixteen candles make a lovely light
But not as bright as your eyes tonight
(as your eyes tonight) (Oh)
Blow out the candles, make your wish come true
For I’ll be wishing that you love me, too
(that you love me, too)

We will hopefully have some pictures soon of the arrangement and will of course keep you updated. If you want to reminisce about the sixteen candles lyrics or know of any music concerts where candles have featured heavily then drop us a line.

Are LED Candles The Way Forward!!

In recent months we have seen an emerging trend in alternative candles. That is LED candles and flameless candles. So what’s the big attraction and why are so many companies choosing to stock them.

Well the obvious reason would be the safety implications. Not having to use a live flame means people can live them on all night long and not have to worry them. Although this seems the obvious reason LED candles offer something else and that is a fantastic array of bright colours. Many of them in fact change colour to suit your mood. Common colours such as blue and yellow really stand out in a room. They have a mystical look to them and is quite breath taking at times.

Some LED candles go one step further and this feature will really appeal to the geeks out there. The LED candles not only have the appearance and look of a real candle but they also make use of a flickering type of light effect. What’s more you blow them on and off. The video below shows one in action.

LED Candle Demonstration

Although we were initially very taken by the LED candles it does have some major drawbacks. Firstly they are battery powered which means you have to replace the batteries every so often. More importantly the LED candles don’t give off any scent. Surely this is the whole point of candles. Candles are also supposed to be subtle and not illuminate everything in the room. There is no doubt that they are impressive however I think natural candles will always have a place in peoples living rooms.