Candles Have Many Uses

Candles can be used for providing wonderful mood lighting whether you are entertaining for a special occasion or for just for a peaceful or romantic night in, they can help set the perfect atmosphere. They can also help relieve stress, aromatherapy is the use of aromatic oils to produce an altering effect on mood or health. They are used to deliver aroma therapeutic scents, because they are excellent medium for maximizing fragrance throw.

Candles are a great addition to your home décor

Candles can also be used for home décor. There is something for everyone in just about every shape, size and color. Some candles are purchased with the intention of being used primarily for decorative purposes and are rarely if ever lit. A lot of people buy Christmas candles for this purpose. Although they are designed to be burned many times they are just displayed for their beauty.

Another way to creatively display candles is in a candle holder. Some holders are literally works of art. You can find holders to hold every time of candle from pillars, to tea lights. One way to display candles is in wall sconces. Wall sconces are a dramatic way to display your candles and also add unique mood lighting to a room. Candles add a great touch to your home décor.

Candles can be molded into many different shapes

Candles can be molded into just about any shape. Some of the most interesting have a design molded into the sides of the candle. Some have intricate textures carved into the sides of the candle to give interesting faux effects such as leather or snake skin. Others are shaped as various items, for example some popular shapes for candle include roses, birds, and heart shaped. There is no end to the creativity that is possible with candle design.

Maria loves candles. She blogs about many things online, but the light and fragrance of a good candle is always nearby.

Candles Gifts Are Ideal For Christmas Candle Making Sales

Christmas candle gifts are one of the most exceptional symbolisms that bring us into the festive mood. Actually, these candles are essentially no different than the normal decorative candles which are available throughout the year, but by adding little extra festive trimmings you will attract more trade.

Candles for the home at Christmas are often a last minute purchase so don’t be despondent if sales are slow to start with for this range, but if you have a nice boxed range and an attractive selection of gel candles ready early you will find that these candles will start selling first. It is the gift range that needs to be ready well in advance.

If you find that you are getting behind in a candle selection do you use the ones you already have and titivate them up for gifts. They can have glitter glue put on them, ribbons wrapped around them, little metal embellishments stuck on and lots of other things you can think of so that you have a Christmas theme to your range.

Christmas is the time when we share a lot of gifts with our close ones and these gifts are just not a surprise, but a representation of love and charity which make everyone feel special. Though there are numerous items available in stores that you can give as gifts, candle gifts are one of the most stunning as well as special gifts for the season. Although they don’t cost much, they do spread light and love into the hearts of one another while exchanging gifts.

Candle gifts unquestionably come in various shapes and sizes, along with incredible decorative patterns to them so if you are stuck for ideas look around and you will soon start being creative for those Christmas sales.

Some ideas for creating Christmas candle gift sales are:

box up sets of candles:2 pillar candles, 6 votive candles, 1 pillar and 2 votive candles, 3 ball shaped candles
box up a mixed set of 6 votives in different colors and different fragrances
some votive candles with some votive candle holders
chunk candles in traditional Christmas colors
decorate candles with glitter glue and dimensional glitter glue
stick on transfers
use festive color embeds in candles and tie a ribbon around them
set some candles in glasses and brush on some glitter glue to add sparkle
make some gel candles and have foil shapes floating in them

Candle gifts are one of the best possible gift items that you can give to your loved ones, as they not only last for a long time, but also spread the light of happiness wherever they burn.

When you own a home candle making business it is important to think ahead and make candles for the various celebration times throughout the year. The most popular are Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and of course individual birthdays. By planning 6 months ahead you will be organized in time and be able to promote your wares.

Be creative with your candles and also be creative in the way you display them and I am sure you will have top sales of your candle gifts through this period.

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New Luxury Diffusers Range At Candles To You

We have recently obtained some new products from our supplier and we will be introducing you guys to them here on our blog. Today we have some excellent new luxury fragranced diffusers to show you guys. As some of you maybe aware we have been selling diffusers for some time now but these new luxury diffusers take the product range to a whole new level. These are going to be the must have products of 2009 we reckon.

This range is in fact so new that there are only two fragrances in the range however we do expect to see more coming out in the coming months. Firstly we have Mandarin & Lime Basil Luxury Diffusers and secondly Moroccan Fig & Cassis Luxury Diffusers. Both of these retail at £12.99 and we are in fact retailing them at much lower than our competitors. This is simply because we want to see how popular they will be and give you guys the chance to play around with them.

The diffusers have a burn time of around 150 hours so you certainly get your moneys worth and they make a real talking point in any room. The great thing about diffusers is that they don’t make use of a live flame so are much safer than a conventional candle. We hope you like the new range and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Two New Designer Candles Added To The Lineup

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! We have been really busy sourcing new products for the store but we are delighted to announce that we have two new designer candles in store. When we say designer, we mean designer as these candles have been designed and manufactured by one of the worlds biggest beauty companies. These candles are also used by one of worlds top celebrities. Ok, so a little about the candles themselves.

First we have the Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle which is a dark green which blends of orange, lemon, figs, pepper, sandlewood, patchouli and green neroli. Then we have the Malin+Goetz Neroli Candle. This bright orange candle is a real eye opener and blends citrus, melon, orange and iris scents.

Both candles burn for up to 60 hours and are cased in a stylish glass jar. These are candles for the true candle lovers out there and we sure you will be as amazed by them as we are. They have become very much a talking point in our store.

Top 5 Candles for 2008

As candles become more and more popular and used for a variety of different reasons we thought it would be fitting to create a top 10 list of must have candles for 2008.

1. Candle Tins
Candle tins will undoubtedly be one of the biggest hitters this year as they are stylish and last for a long time. The tin design also means that you can move the candle from room to room. At Candles To You we sell numerous differently scented candle tins. You may wish to check them out. Continue reading