Can Candles Really Effect Our Energy Levels?

Hi guys, I just wanted to apologise for the recent lack of posts but anyway I recently came across the concept of candles effecting peoples energy levels and wanted to share it with you. For many centuries people have believed that candles can affect ones livelihood and energy levels. In fact candles according to ancient history was key to influencing peoples emotions, wealth, fertility levels and desire. These strange beliefs were often associated with the colours of each candle and how they glow.

So what influence do candles have on our lives in today’s context? Well this question seems particular fitting for this time of year as winter is fast approaching. Many people of course, across the world suffer from the winter blues. This is where candles can help. Lighting a candle in the morning before work can really boost your energy levels and help keep you feeling fresh all day.

So lets have a look at the colours and what each one represents.

White: White is of course the most common type of colour and represents spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, peace and purity.

Red: This colour has an intense meaning and gives you a feeling of being highly charged. It also represents an element of fire which in turn hints at danger. This one will keep you on edge.

Purple: One of the most vibrant colours and represents ambition and financial security.

Orange: Excellent for recharging those batteries and for warming your sense. Represents intellectual superiority.

Blue: Embodies the spirit of water and gives you the feeling of being free. It’s about self expression and having inner peace.

There are of course many other colours but I will leave those to your imagination. Of course whether candles do effect your energy levels in down to individual opinion so why not drop us a line and let us know about your experiences. We will give a 5% discount voucher to the person who comes up with the best one.